Shape Shifting clients says the funniest things :D

Shape Shifters say the funniest things…

Clients crack me up! Had to share.

For the record, you’re never too old OR too artsy. My Mom was in her late 50s and a retired teacher when she started managing clients at my business. I’m sure she did it to get to spend time with her crazy workaholic daughter, but I’m also sure she did it because she LOVED the concept and was excited to make it happen.

I am now 45 and just launched a non profit (a music group – cue artsiness) and a corporation from hospital beds in between surgery dates (long story, talk to my horse).

So nope. Never too old. Or too artsy.

If you can’t stop thinking about it. If you’re dying to take your idea and run with it. DO IT. I’ll be cheering for you all the way.

– Jenn xo

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