Business in 2021: Caffeine recommended. PJs welcomed. Big ideas required.

Okay. So 2020 was the worst year for a lot of companies. Spiraling sales numbers…brick and mortar companies closing their doors after 100 years in business…COUNTLESS failures to launch. It was painful to watch.

But here’s the thing. With so many people at home and online right now, we have more opportunity to capture the undivided attention of our right fit clients than ever before. For many business types, this is an amazing time to be an entrepreneur!

I promise I’m not crazy.

Event professionals are seeing 200%, 500%, and even 1200% higher ticket sales to the online versions of their previously live, expensive events. B2B services are having their busiest years ever. The online course economy has gone through the roof at price points ranging from $27 to $2700.

All it takes is getting some ducks in rows, some strategies set up and to remember why you got into all of this in the first place… The rush of making an impact. The satisfactino of writing your own paycheques. The adrenaline of taking risks and seeing them pay off…

Social proof, sales triggers, funnels, lead magnets, online presence, sales copy, launch teams, video testimonials, web makeovers, organic campaigns that spread… There are a ton of ways to make your dent in the world when you add a little bit of strategy to it.

If you need a hand or just to brainstorm with an expert…

I’m giving away eight 45 minute marketing brainstorming session via Zoom.

These sessions are no-pressure, BS-free chats, one-to-one, and they’re all about helping you start the year off with a refreshing strategy for increasing leads, sales and opportunities in 2021.

If you need some help making 2021 an amazing year in business, I’d love to help. No charge. Click here to set it up.

PS. These are normally only offered to Shape Shifting prospects, so I can only offer this to 8 people.

PPS. Caffeine recommended. PJs welcome. Big ideas required.

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