“Thank you for the late nights of tag-teaming edits with me and for your word-wizardry and technical knowledge.”



A La Carte Author Services


Ghostwriting takes your vision, your rough notes, [and notes from our interviews with you], into a fully developed book that is ready for publication.

From notebooks filled with your thoughts and ideas, to a fully finished, professional book.

Ghostwriting can take 3 to 12+ months depending on the project. Availability is extremely limited.


Book Coaching

Weekly one-to-one sessions that include writing reviews, expansion of ideas, and more.

Book coaching helps make intimidating parts of the wrting and publishing process simpler and more accessible to every author.

This is for authors who want someone to bounce ideas off and to add method to the madness, keeping them accountable. Friends don't let friends write alone.

Editing + Proofreading

Developmental Editing is your skyview, big picture editing service. We look at the structure of your manuscript - characters, tone, and book.

Copy Editing is for manuscripts that need someone to sharpen and improve the text quality.

Proofreading - a close-up look for spelling and grammar - should be the last pass we do of your manuscript.

Book Layout + Design + Prepress

Interior pages design and layout, including font styles, headings, running headers, spacing, special paragraph styles, indexes, and more.

A cover design that sells, including preparation for Amazon, Ingram, ebook, paperback and hardcover.

People DO judge a book by the cover. So let's make sure your readers love yours as much as you do.

Book Launches*

Friends don't let friends launch alone! Launch your book with the strength of community. Launch team coordination of your priority contacts, launch event planning, invitations, RSVPs, and more. Launch time is often the highest point of your sales. In fact, some authors launch repeatedly over the span of a year. *Included in publishing contracts

Launch Team + Reviews*

Coordination of beta readers and launch team reviewers, VIP advance readers, free and paid submissions to top reviews such as Kirkus, Booklife, Publisher's Weekly, and more. The more reviews you receive on various platforms, the more change you have of your title going to number one. *Included in publishing contracts

PR + Marketing*

Email newsletter blasts, podcast interviews, influencer reviews, tv and newspaper press release submissions, and book signings are all part of a professional author's launch sequence. At the same time, your marketing campaign will be promoting your book and capturing leads for your book or business during launch time.
*Included in publishing contracts


Plug your book into a distribution networks of over 40k iIndependent bookstores, online stores, chain stores, ebook retailers, libraries, and Universities. Your title will be available to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Independent bookstores, Walmart.com, Target.com, Chapters / Indigo (Canada) and more. *Included in publishing contracts
*Included in publishing contracts


Videography + Photography*

Professional author bio photos and video for use in marketing and social media are worth their weight in gold.

Not only do they make social media posts easier and more powerful, but they put a face to your 30,000 (or 130,000) words. *Included in publishing contracts

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jennifer for my first publication, Our Yellow Brick Road. I was extremely apprehensive about the editing process, as the book told my very personal story and I was nervous that my voice would be removed. However, it turned out to be a brilliant experience with Jennifer! Her suggestions were offered with respect and care, and I was both relieved and ecstatic to see that she managed to bring out even more of my voice in the process. Jennifer is a true gem who I can't wait to work with again!