99.9% of the most amazing ideas by the most inspiring entrepreneurs, never even make it off the table.

The dream clients you crafted the perfect products and services for, most likely didn’t have the chance to buy in because they didn’t even know those products existed. 

Your ideas didn’t fail. Your marketing did. 

And I can help 🙂  

xo Jenn

Here’s how I can help…

take something big off your list

How much is it costing you in sales, each day that you wait. Delegate whatever is costing you the most in lost sales, or is causing the most stress. If it’s not making you money, it needs to be fixed or ditched. Click on MARKETING MENU to find the most common requests: website makeovers, copywriting, email sequences, branding and product photography…

These are biggest-bang-for-your-buck type marketing services because they do more harm then good when being pushed off to the ‘fix it later’ pile.  Let me take something off your hands, make it polished, strategic and shiny, and hand it back, ready to help you grow your business. 

shape shift your marketing

8 spots. 30 days. 1 month of one-to-one virtual coaching & doing with me (Jenn) that can transform your business. SHAPE SHIFTING MONTHS are just you, me, Zoom, coffee, and a live program that will put you in control of your marketing again. 

Most coaches just teach. With Shape Shifting, we get into the weeds together and work through the marketing obstacles that have been holding you back. 

The longer you wait to add purpose to your marketing, the more sales you’re missing out on and the longer you’ll feel as if you’re just spinning your wheels.

get free, random marketing ideas and launch tips (see below)

Because clients come first and because I overthing everything, blogs are far and few between. But they’re good when they come. Check out some of the latest marketing ideas in the blog. If you find them useful, subscribe!

Sales and growth are really just math 🙂

Whether your biz goes big or it just goes home, isn’t a matter of luck, or magic, or even the right mantra in the morning [not that there’s anything wrong with that]. It’s math. 

So that’s where we start.  🤓 What to charge, what to invest, what to expect… Just some basic formulas and testing, with a hefty side of strategy and focus. 

Incredible ideas by inspiring entrepreneurs need to be heard!

In the month I worked with Jenn, I think I got 40 portraits [sales]. She helped me set up my Facebook page, a check-out form... Just having her as a resource is so valuable.
Artist, MEZ Art Creationz
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Within two hours, we brainstormed a program, a sales page, ad the general pitch. It just came together like this. The whole design of the program... and within the next 24 hours I had 3 clients signed up for it.
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Life Coach
Entourage media and marketing has been extremely helpful along my entrepreneurial journey! I recently took part in #BossTalks at one of their recent EntrepreneurLife.ca shows. I was so impressed at how organized and how well the show was laid out. There was a fantastic selection of knowledgeable vendors and business owners. Jennifer is an amazing friend and business owner she has been very helpful to me over the years. I would absolutely recommend her because of her vast knowledge of a multitude of businesses! Continue to recommend her to friends and family looking to up their game in their industry!
Julie Sawatzky
Julie Nicole Photography, 519 Collective