99.9% of the most amazing ideas
by the most INSPIRING entrepreneurs,
never even make it off the table.

The dream clients who would’ve
fallen in love with the idea, NEVER
had the chance to buy in the first place…
because they didn’t even know it existed.  

Your idea did NOT fail.
Your marketing did. 

And I can help.  
xo Jenn

option a

Take something big OFF your list,
something that costs more to avoid
than to take care of…

>> Email WELCOME sequence $550
>> Basic Marketing Funnel $995
>> PDF Lead Magnet Creation $550
>> Website Design & Imagery Refresh $550
>> Breakthrough Session
(find what’s working & multiply) $250

with a Zoom Chat and go from there

option b

Shape Shift Sessions:
4 SPOTS, one month, one-to-one,
virtual coaching and DOING sessions
that eliminate the guesswork
and get your ideas into the hands of those who need them most. 

>> Find the Elephants 
>> Marketing Math
>> Establish Social Proof
>> Find Your Funnel
>> Test everything
>> PJs, caffeine and f bombs welcome
>> Details & reviews

option free

and launch tips for entrepreneurs
who like to the things themselves. 

These blogs are posted
far & few between but when they are,
they’re really good.

If you find them useful,

Every BUSINESS owner

deserves to have someone in the weeds with them

"In the month I worked with Jenn, I think I got 40 portraits [sales]. She helped me set up my Facebook page, a check-out form... Just having her as a resource is so valuable."
Artist, MEZ Art Creationz
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"Within two hours, we brainstormed a program, a sales page, ad the general pitch. It just came together like this. The whole design of the program... and within the next 24 hours I had 3 clients signed up for it."
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Life Coach
"Entourage media and marketing has been extremely helpful along my entrepreneurial journey! I recently took part in #BossTalks at one of their recent EntrepreneurLife.ca shows. I was so impressed at how organized and how well the show was laid out. There was a fantastic selection of knowledgeable vendors and business owners. Jennifer is an amazing friend and business owner she has been very helpful to me over the years. I would absolutely recommend her because of her vast knowledge of a multitude of businesses! Continue to recommend her to friends and family looking to up their game in their industry!"
Julie Sawatzky
Julie Nicole Photography, 519 Collective