7 Hacks for Writing Killer Sales Copy For Your Landing Page

If writing sales copy for your landing page is the bane of your existence, you’re not the only one. Most business owners’ dread sitting down to start laying out a landing page that will convert.

Sales are the transfer of excitement for (and belief in) an offer/product, from you to the buyer. Which also happens to be the purpose of a sales landing page.

I’ve been in marketing for 20+ years and I’ve seen countless companies mistake excitement for in-your-face, sleazy sales copy.

Here are a few copywriting hacks that’ll help you produce sleaze-free sales landing pages you’re proud to share and promote…

1. Write BS-free copy from the heart.

Today’s audience can sniff out BS from a mile away. If you’re trying to sell something you don’t believe in or TO someone you know can’t benefit from it, it’ll show.

2. Show your excitement.

Let excitement show through your choice or words and phrasing – excitement for how you can help the prospect change/improve their life AND why you want to help them do so.

3. Keep the offer crystal clear.

If there are a million different pricing and product options, they’re not going to click the magic button. A confused mind never buys.

4. Make it easy to buy.

Sometimes automations become sales barriers. Make sure your sales mechanisms is simple. If they have to jump through 3 links, a form and then fill out a calendly link booking, you risk losing them along the way.

5. Create anticipation and urgency.

Let them know why they want to get started as possible, otherwise they’ll get excited, decide to “think about it” and then most likely forget all about it.

6. Spell out the results they can expect.

You’re not selling a widget. You’re selling the results experienced by the buyer after they’ve bought your widget.

For example…

A home cleaning service isn’t selling a 2 Hour Maid Visit. They’re selling the ability to come home from work and not have to tidy up for an hour before you can even start dinner. They’re selling more time with your family.

I’m not selling marketing coaching. I’m selling a hands-on, in-this-together path to more leads, sales and biz growth.

7. Put everything into context.

Make comparisons (apples to apples, preferably), examples, walk the reader through how the offer applies to them in their current situation so that they know you made this offer for them.

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