3 Ways Any Biz Owner Can Shape Shift Their Next Program/Product Launch

Most product/program launches fail NOT because the offer was horrid but because the people who would’ve loved/needed/obsessed over the idea/product/offer didn’t even have the chance to buy in. 😱

After 20+ years in marketing (yup, I’m ancient), it still kills me to see an incredible idea by an inspiring entrepreneur just die on the table because their marketing failed them.

ESPECIALLY when it’s so obvious that the biz owner is offering exactly what their market needs, when they need it. AAAAHHHRG! (yeah, I don’t know what noise that is but it feels right).

And so only makes sense that the most common question I’m asked is “How do I launch a new product/program?” That’s why I put together this quick list of 3 critical steps to to a successful program or product launch that are my top most important, or at least close to it.


Proven, tested offers can’t fail. It’s impossible.

Because they’ve got the marketing math to go with them. I recommend testing offers organically as well as with small paid ads to gain some some serious AHA moments and math, WAY before you ever launch a real ad campaign. Money is tight. Don’t waste it.

✔️ Knowing your numbers will save you every time!


Create a group of your biggest fans. Your own personal launch team.

They will be tasked with cheering/loving/sharing your offer to the world on launch day. Your team can be made up of past happy clients, current happy clients, family, friends, influencers, podcasters, etc.

✔️ Being a business owner can be extremely isolating. Especially now.

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) launch your biz/idea/offer alone.


such as…

✔️ FOMO – Fear of missing out – ie. a deadline, a limited offer, a OTO offer, a waiting list… All of these create tension and scarcity, which are proven sales triggers used in all successful launches.

✔️ SOCIAL PROOF – If you’re driving down the highway and you’re dying for a bite to eat. You see two restaurants side by side. One has a parking lot full of cars. The other doesn’t. You’re going to go to the one that’s busy. Yes, it means you’ll wait longer. But it also means that you know lots of other people like/know/trust that restaurant. This is social proof.

Build up your followers & fans, gather testimonial text quotes, hire someone to create video reviews that let your clients sell FOR you. And not just any videos. I’m talking about ones that are authentic, make you smile, filled with heart a laugh or two… Those are gold.

✔️ BUILD UP YOUR AUTHORITY – If your brand becomes known as an authority in your area of expertise, sales come so so so much more easily!

Shape Shifting in a Nutshell

The steps above are just a few that are covered in one-to-one, virtual Shape Shifting Sessions. You’ll be blown away 💣 by how much you accomplish in just one Shape Shifting Session, as compared to your past 6 or 12 months in business.

To give you an idea, here are a few things we work on together:

  • Finding your goal revenue and creating a strategy to get there
  • Getting your offer focused AF
  • Pricing it right
  • Social proof interviews, videos, quotes
  • Fancying up your social media and website with the right voice, imagery and and social proof
  • Finding your growth formula by testing and measuring offers, plugging in numbers, and doing your marketing math
  • Creating lead magnets, sales funnels, sales landing pages
  • Creating Sales scripts that don’t feel gross
  • Putting together swipe files for social media posting
  • Starting off with organic, free marketing strategies
  • Running ads that pay for themselves
  • Drinking copious amounts of coffee
  • Dropping the occasional f bomb
  • Celebrating wins as they come
Juuust a typical SS Session with D+D LOL

To grab one a spot or to ask questions about it, let’s meet up in a free 45 minute brainstorming session where we go over where you are now, what your biggest frustrations are, come up with a solution or two, and walk you through what a Shape Shifting Month would look like for you. Click here. Can’t wait to meet you 🙂

Jenn at Entourage xo

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