Publication Day for Our Yellow Brick Road!

AUG 16, 2022 | If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, and/or a book that’ll bring tears to your eyes more than once (I went through several boxes of Kleenex editing this book!!), Our Yellow Brick Road is a must-read. Its publication day was August 16th. I”m beyond honoured to have been the Editor AND to have met each of the authors whose stories simply had to be told…

Our Yellow Brick Road is an anthology of powerful stories by award-winning speakers who believe in the impact storytelling can have.

The authors have been brought together in this book and on this path by their friend and peer, Mom on Wheels, MARJORIE AUNOS @marjorieaunos who found her life’s true purpose after previous plans were drastically altered by a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Marjorie introduces us to the activist, the cheerleader, the dancer, the nurse, the poet, the bullied, the abused, the immigrant, the moms, and the entrepreneurs.

These inspiring humans have taken countless stages to share their own experiences and revelations with audiences whose lives have had no choice but to be changed. This anthology is vulnerable, surprising, and relatable, composed of pain and triumph, health challenges and resilience, deep depression and pure joy, bullying and heartfelt kindness.

From brutal truths to proof that what you seek has been inside you all along, Our Yellow Brick Road (Life to Paper Publishing/August 16, 2022/$19.99) requires nothing more from its readers than an open heart and a full box of tissues.

About the Curator:

Marjorie Aunos didn’t live a fairy-tale princess life—which was just fine with her! Instead, at thirty-three, Marjorie owned her own home, was a single mom by choice, embraced a blossoming career, and had big plans for the future. That was, until, a near-fatal accident devastated her body and permanently changed her future. This take-charge, DIY, entrepreneurial, brand-new mom suddenly faced health challenges and depression that would overwhelm and paralyze anyone in her place. Within the pages of her book, Our Yellow Brick Road, Marjorie triumphs over impossible odds and uses her experiences to form friendships with other inspiring humans whose only goals are to change the world. These are a collective of their stories.

Published by Life to Paper Publishing and it’s fabulous Chief Inspiration Officer, Tabitha Rose.

Best Seller on Amazon

Within hours of the book hitting Amazon, it became a #1 Best Seller. I couldn’t be more proud of this incredible project! xo

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