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September is actually the “New Year” in our books.

Anyone else feel this way? Maybe it’s because the kids go back to school, or maybe it’s because the trees are starting to change colours, but September (specifically Labour Day Weekend usually) is the real New Year in my books.

I used to get so excited for school that I couldn’t sleep the night before the first day. Now I experience the entrepreneur version of that. I find myself writing fresh entries in my many idea notebooks, drinking an extra coffee in the morning, dissolving into spreadsheets, dreaming of what’s next.

I start thinking strategy instead of sangrias and plans instead of parties. And I get just as excited as I did when I was a kid.

Maybe this is how you know you’re a true entrepreneur….

Anyone else?

If this is you. put your fresh-start-mojo to good use – grab your idea notebook and start planning how your ideas and products will change people’s lives this Fall.

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