What age did you start feeling like an adult?

Q: What age did you start feeling like an adult?!

Maybe it’s a serial entrepreneur thing, a neurospicy thing, or the fact that when my Mom passed, I realized how short life really is… but I feel like, even in my 40s, my soul is still rebelling against the idea of adulting.

If adulting is soup, I’m most definitely the fork.

I don’t like rules, I procrastinate, I still can’t cook, and I avoid scary adults.

No matter how many clients I have or groups I run, I’m still always caught off guard when I’m asked to speak at an event as an expert.

On the other hand, that’s part of what helps me jump off the cliff and build the plane on the way down, follow my heart, sell+donate everything I own to move to a 38ft boat without having ever driven one, start a non profit from a hospital bed, and any number of things that had people looking at me like I’m either crazy or brave.

Some day I’ll figure out how to adult and which utensil to be, but until then, you’ll probably find me over here, still making shit up as I go.


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