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You too can live without modern plumbing

You can live without modern plumbing. Just a month ago, I would’ve said um, hell no I can’t! And theeeen, I did so for two weeks.

For context, the sand point (well) and water pump have given us hell for the past two weeks in an area where getting an actual plumber to show up is next to impossible. UNTIL yesterday when we were saved by our knight in shining armour (aka a super handy cottager who knows what he’s doing and stuck it out with us for three days until he found what was broken).

When you think about it, there are probably hundreds of times in our lives that we’ve endured and accomplished things we would’ve never thought we could. In this case, for me, out here in the sticks, it was learning to flush the toilet with buckets of water scooped up from the lake.

In the past, while building my company, it was making the terrifying sales calls that inevitably ended up changing my life and putting me on an incredible new path. Yeah, that was WAY more scary than two weeks without plumbing.

It’s only impossible until it’s done.

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