This is the time to bring your magic into the world.

Getting Published


The big picture


Entourage offers hybrid and royalties-based publishing contracts, determined on a book-by-book basis. 

OPTION 1. If you have a finished, edited, manuscript ready to be published, you might be a good prospect for a publishing contract. Please submit your manuscript to in Word or Google Docs format.

OPTION 2. If you are looking for collaboration, coaching, or assistance in many areas leading up to the moment of publishing, you may be looking for a hybrid publishing contract with Entourage. Here’s how that might look, depending on what your work requires…

A hybrid publishing contract is more than a la carte editing services. This partnership is for authors who want their own team, one dedicated to helping bring the bigger picture into view. More than just completing a manuscript or creating a cover design, publishing contracts offer you an Entourage who will look at your book for its potential to generate revenue for you through book sales and business growth. Beyond that, help you create a publication that generates passive income for years to come. Beginning with tapping into the power of project management apps, we stay on the same page with milestones and goals. From vision to completion, hybrid contracts are unique to each author and include only what they need most within the budget and goals they envision.

Publishing via Entourage is customized to each unique title the comes to our team. We offer what works best, most often in the form of author services and/or hybrid contacts. For authors who want to pursue one of the more traditional publishers, we have in-house story consultants and former literary agents who can help determine how/if to best proceed down that pathway. 

Can we skip to the good part?

When your rewrites have rewrites.

Is your manuscript at the point that it has been written, re-written, and re-written again? Perfect. Welcome to your new creative, safe space and your next best step. We’ll put together a publishing contract that has what you need within an investment or royalties split (or both) that works for you.

Editing & Proofreading

To polish and perfect

Entourage delivers developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading that, together, will be transformative for your book. Rely on Entourage to keep your project on track, making course adjustments where necessary.


To send a message

When you see an inexpensive or DIY book design, you know it. It sends a message. All publishing contracts include interior page and cover design done by professionals who know how critical it is to your book’s brand and messaging to get it right. Font choices, spacing, consistency, headers, footers, index formatting, character and paragraph styling, photo placement, and editing… If it sounds like a lot of work, you’re not wrong. But when you have a team of book nerds, writers, editors, and designers, you can take refuge in a smoother, faster process. and a book you can be proud of.

Tech Support

To make it happen

When you find someone who is good at writing AND at tech, you keep them forever. And so we have. From meta tags to pre-press set-up, tech mistakes can ruin your launch. Whereas good tech, helps your book lands in stores and on bookshelves across North America. For magazine producers, we can help you gain a distributor and placements within book and grocery stores.


To launch, sell, & create a profit plan

Launch teams, beta readers, mailing lists, publication day events, lead funnels, book sales, and profit that exceeds what you’ve put into your project: that’s the goal, right? Writing a book can generate revenue in many ways. For some authors, revenue comes from corporate book sales. For others, it’s bookstore sales, and for many, it’s a combination of all of the above plus an increased business revenue (such as from coaching programs and programs) that changes their lives, brand, and reputation. The fun part is deciding what sounds best to you and creating a map from here to there. Your job is to write something that makes a difference in the world. Our job is, well, everything else!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and that means A LOT. You made it fun because, in addition to enjoying our discussions, you made the product better! There is so much talent you have to offer and share. I AM very lucky that our paths crossed – and that happened for a reason! My hats off to Chris as well!
I am grateful to my editor, Jennifer Goulden, for her magical way of taking my idea and bringing this beautiful book to fruition. Thank you for melding together the words in this book with your tears and rewriting them with so much love and sensitivity. Many hearts are beating in sync to serve the world through this book, and your heart plays the lead note.
Jennifer poured her heart and soul into her work, leaving a unique and vibrant touch on every book she worked on. Our authors cherished their collaborations with her, and her dedication was truly a labor of love. Jennifer joined us during a challenging period when I was juggling finances and an overwhelming workload. I will forever appreciate her unwavering loyalty and love during that time.