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2 Reasons I Named My Company Entourage

I’ve named a lot of things over the years: three kids, two dogs, two cats, a half dozen businesses, several books, countless magazine issues, and easily about a hundred products… But my favourite by far is my company.

I named my company Entourage for two reasons:
(1) Because I loooved that HBO series SO much.
(2) Because I think that anyone navigating entrepreneurship deserves a Vincent Chase-caliber entourage following them around, just trying to help them make it big. ⭐

It can get pretty rough out here otherwise. Building an empire, making a difference, launching an idea, writing a book that matters in the world… none of it is for the faint of heart. The work of an author or an entrepreneur (TIP: authors ARE entrepreneurs, too! Even if they don’t realize it yet…) can be extremely isolating.

EVERY one deserves to have someone they can call with a problem or an idea — someone who gets it, who’ll pour another cup of coffee and be ALL IN for brainstorming, planning, and either making it better or making it happen.

And that’s what I strive to provide, in various flexible (but always hands-on) ways that authors and entrepreneurs can afford. With a ridiculously overqualified resume that I aways feel weird flaunting (it’s a thing), I love that I can offer pretty much any editing, publishing, or marketing service at pretty much any time to people who have magic to bring into the world.

Sooo this is me… Your friendly neighbourhood go-to-girl for authors and entrepreneurs -your own personal Entourage ;)- who adores helping people share their ideas and make a difference in the world.

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