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If you’re here, you follow me. So first of all, THANK YOU. Time is precious and there’s a LOT of noise in marketing right now. I love that you’ve tuned into me!!

Second of all, BECAUSE you follow me, you’re likely my favourite kind of person – an entrepreneur who is dedicated to making a dent in the world around you.

I’m a self-confessed serial entrepreneur, creator of businesses, publications, communities, events, music and adorable children. And as such, I run entirely on coffee, memes, sarcasm. And the occasional f bomb.

I have 3 kids, two dogs, two cats, and a horse (and no, they don’t all live with me). My therapy comes in the form of music and marketing.

In the past 2 years, I’ve built 1 company, 1 nonprofit, 1 community, a Mastermind and run 109 FB/IG ad campaigns – most of which were done from hospital beds or wheelchairs (thanks to my obsession with horses…).

In the past 20, I’ve had BY FAR the best career a marketer could ask for. I’ve marketed franchises, re-wrote marketing manuals, designed, edited and published dozens of magazine issues, produced business expos, bridal shows and fundraisers, created companies that went on to make millions in sales and some that just made a paycheque. Both of which, I’m equally proud of <3 BUT the one thing that ties it all together, is that I’ve always been working with entrepreneurs to help them build their sales through marketing.

Here’s what I know:
⫸ You can launch anything from anywhere, if the idea is good enough.
⫸ Corporate lawyers WILL come to your hospital bed. It’s not just on TV. Who knew!?
⫸ If you don’t love it, don’t do it. LIFE’S TOO SHORT.
⫸ If you can offer exactly what people need, when they need it, your idea has legs.
⫸ Launch it. Ship it. Do the things. Go ALL IN. Now is the time.
⫸ Great ideas don’t die because they weren’t great. They die because the people who would’ve bought into them, didn’t even know about them.
⫸ Most entrepreneurs chicken out right before things are about to get good.
✨You’ve gotta have HUGE GOALS and know your MAGIC NUMBERS. Whenever you feel lost, go back to the numbers. Marketing Math will save you in the end!!

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