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Here’s why January 1st is my very favourite business day of the year…

You get to start with the dream.

Then reverse engineer it into realistic steps you can actually achieve.

Followed by a basic outline of manageable steps.

And now you’ve got a plan for owning the year ahead.

In this example, you can see that when you break down a popular financial milestone into bite size sales, it’s not all that magical anymore. It’s attainable.

$274 per day is actually all it takes to reach the holy grail/success milestone of $100,000 per year. So, what would that look like in reality?

  • For me, that might mean selling one $274 marketing service per day (ie. copywriting for a website, a sales landing page, an email sequence, a video promo reel or ad, etc).
  • For an online store, it might mean 10 product sales worth $27 each (in profit, preferrably).
  • For a coach, it might mean 2 mini-course sales at $134 each

I don’t care how crazy your goal is…

  1. Dream big.
  2. Break it down.
  3. Draw out what it’ll take to get there.
  4. Get to work 🙂
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