Brand, Product, Team & Event Photography

I got into photography in 2008...

…I was marketing manager for a franchise. We needed product photography for marketing, event photography to cover and share corporate retreats and awards ceremonies, before and after photos of happy weight loss clients, imagery for our website, weekly newsletters, marketing manuals. So, I researched digital cameras for my boss, made my pitch, received approval to buy a 2 megapixel camera (2 was a big deal at the time) and learned to shoot, edit and love images that could tell a story.

Since then I’ve done hundreds of product shoots, dozens of corporate event shoots, entrepreneur/team/bio shoots, family shoots, hotel & venue shoots for magazine spreads and was even a second shooter for a destination wedding. Now THAT was fun!

When it comes to marketing, photography is one of the lowest cost ways of telling your brand story and creating a ton of content in one sitting. It can give a close-up of your products, a sneak peek into the personalities of your customer service team, provide social proof with event photos and images of excited, happy clients. Even more importantly, photography is the easiest way to fill your social media channels, website and landing pages with eye-catching content that guides your audience through your funnel.